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Helping our partners realize their digital potential

CamelCase is a collective of designers, software engineers, and strategists collaborating to design and build an array of websites, products, and systems to help our partners excel.

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Our reviews

What our customers are saying

Partnering with CamelCase to rebuild our website on Craft CMS has been extraordinary. Not only was the initial rebuild launched in record time, their guidance and execution has resulted in quadrupling our website traffic, as well as driving increased time on site and conversions. They are an integral partner in our overall marketing plan.

CamelCase’s ability to deliver our new website and integrate it with our existing AWS and Hubspot ecosystem was first-rate. The author experience curated by Craft CMS allows us to have complete control of our website, allowing us to quickly build out new pages and update content in true self-service fashion as we grow our company and our digital footprint.

Bel Lepe

Cerby (Link Opens in new tab)

Founder, CEO

The CamelCase team is terrific! They are great at sharing what would make a great website, and helpful in offering suggestions and direction. Their process and communication in all of its various forms are incredibly effective at keeping us moving forward.

Chris Campbell

nxtMOVE (Link Opens in new tab)


Our services

What we can offer you

Frontend Design

Functional, aesthetic design that communicates effectively and drives growth and results.

Consumer Research

User Journey Mapping

Content Architecture

Visual Design & Prototyping

UX Strategy & UI Design


Backend Development

Strategically built sites that prioritize superior author experiences and performance.

Content Management Systems

Author Experience

API Integrations

QA, Testing & Training

SEO, Performance & Accessibility

Web Partnerships

Helping to continuously iterate, improve and expand your digital presence.

Web & Technology Consulting

Digital & Web Projects

CMS & API Trainings

Maintenance & Analytics

Digital Strategy

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Our technologies

Our tools of the trade

While we have focused our attention on a few core technologies like Craft CMS, we are a passionate and experiential team dedicated to learning and staying on the cutting-edge. We’ll work with you to explore the best options for your needs and are committed to always keeping you on the best platforms and ahead of the competition.

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Craft CMS
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Our company

About us

Founded in Washington, D.C., CamelCase Collective is a web design and development agency helping innovative teams around the world build custom websites and web-based applications, launch and evolve new digital products, and create incredible and engaging user experiences.

Lifelong Learners

Lifelong Learners

We believe that a commitment to curiosity is not only crucial to our business's success, but to the personal well-being and growth of each member of our team.
Forward Thinking


Internally, we aim to be better today than we were yesterday. Externally, we are always searching for new opportunities to drive business growth digitally.


We strive to help our partners view their challenges in a new light, offering perspectives that leverage our expertise and help achieve impactful results.
Good People

Good People

We built our team with good people and vow to keep integrity, empathy, and respect at the core of who we are. We seek out those who do the same.
Partner Oriented


We dedicate ourselves, at an individual and an organizational level, to helping our partners attain long-term success. We can only succeed when you do.

Collective Culture

Each day, we aspire to cultivate an environment that elevates and promotes our #1 asset; the collective - our employees.

Our Process

How we operate

Whether it’s a quick turnaround on a project or a long-term partnership, our iterative and results-driven approach to delivering value remains the same. Our process is rooted in best practices from an array of renowned frameworks and our own experiences, allowing us to create and build effective and powerful solutions for our partners.



A foundational understanding of the problems, goals, spaces, and players are key in any pursuit. Investing in this deep knowledge, while considering the larger vision, helps us deliver intentionally with specificity to your unique requirements.


We’ll develop a concrete plan that is centered around clearly defined, mutually agreed upon objectives. Leveraging our insights from discovery, we are able to set a course of action that is guided by our shared goals and considers the small details.


Design that extends beyond aesthetics. By diving deep into user experience, we are able to create visually appealing sites and products that help meet our partners’ business goals. Our design phase consists of wireframes, mockups, and prototypes.


As designs near completion, we begin to bring them to life through code. Using industry best practices, our team builds custom solutions using a wide range of technologies aimed at creating seamless solutions.


Quality is key. Fresh eyes, new perspectives, and attention to detail are critical in building websites and digital products that stand out, convert, and retain users. Our solutions are carefully crafted, thoroughly built and holistically tested to the utmost quality.


On the web, the only constant is change. We partner together with organizations and digital teams long-term to continuously look for new opportunities, push the boundaries of web, and create the best digital experiences and tools possible.

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