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Code Climate

From growing startup to established enterprise

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About Code Climate

Code Climate is the company behind Velocity, a Software Engineering Intelligence platform that maximizes engineering impact with trusted insights for leaders and teams at all levels. Backed by leading VC firms, including PSG, Union Square Ventures, Foundry Group, Lerer Hippeau Ventures, and NextView Ventures, Code Climate has raised $66M in funding to date, having closed a Series C round in August 2021.


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The Challenge

Code Climate engaged CamelCase with the goal of transforming their website and blog to improve functionality and elevate their brand. The website needed to highlight the main capabilities of their leading platform, Velocity, but also offer tailored solutions for Code Climate's different target personas.

Elevated Design

From a design perspective, we looked to build a system that not only showcased the features and functionalities in a way that paired with an ongoing rebranding effort. It was crucial to translate these new brand guidelines into a visually appealing and intuitive user interface that would enhance the overall user experience.

Content Strategy Alignment

During our research and discovery process it became evident that Code Climate, as a leader in an emerging category, needed to expand on top of funnel strategies around category awareness. Recognizing this opportunity, our team worked with Code Climate to highlight the educational aspects of the platform. This involved collectively creating and showcasing informative and engaging content that not only explained the features but also educated users about best practices, industry trends, and the benefits of working with Code Climate.

Technical Challenges

From a technical perspective, Code Climate's previous website was being hamstrung by the presence of subdomains and a complex nginx configuration. These technical challenges posed obstacles to seamless navigation and hindered the website's overall functionality. 

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Relaunching a website is often a lengthy endeavor, but CamelCase remained on track with all deliverables and exceeded our expectations. They're committed to excellence and have been a pleasure to work with. We would highly recommend them as partners in any website project.

Kathleen Headshot

Kathleen Rohrecker

Senior VP of Marketing

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The Solution

Throughout the entire redesign our team worked hand-in-hand with Code Climate, partnering with marketing, branding, content, and internal development teams to iterate and improve our deliverables. The CMS author experience developed by CamelCase allowed the team to create and update content in true self-service fashion as they continue to grow.

Atomic Design System

As the design system was built, a major point of emphasis was put on building blocks and components using an atomic design system, empowering content authors to build pages in ways that fit their content best. This system allowed the Code Climate website to have a consistent and cohesive visual style and user experience.

Elevated Design Elements

To enhance the overall look and feel of the website, our team incorporated subtle SVG animations using SVGator. These animations added a touch of sophistication and interactivity, further elevating the user experience. The team also leveraged Alpine components to level-up animations elsewhere throughout the site.

Author Experience

The CMS author experience developed by CamelCase provided Code Climate with a seamless content creation and management process. It enabled their team to create and update content efficiently and independently, promoting a true self-service approach as their company continues to expand.

Raving Reviews

The redesigned website and blog received overwhelmingly positive feedback from both Code Climate's internal team and its users. The improved functionality and user experience were widely appreciated, with users reporting enhanced navigation, faster load times, and a more intuitive interface.

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Working with CamelCase was a highly collaborative and seamless process. With their design and user experience expertise, we were able to completely transform our marketing website and blog to improve functionality and elevate our brand. The CMS author experience developed by CamelCase allows us to create and update content in true self-service fashion as we grow our company.

Rachael Roth headshot

Rachael Roth

Content Strategist

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