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About Stacks

Founded in 2018, Stacks is a team of DAM directors, managers, and librarians that are passionate about making digital asset management easy and approachable. With the world creating more and more digital media every day, their goal is to help brands and organizations maximize the value of their content and facilitate the growth of their DAM programs.


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The Challenge

Stacks approached our team with a challenge seen often among growing companies. They wanted to migrate their website from Webflow to a more flexible platform. Stacks had hit a ceiling with their content management system (CMS) and website design, and were looking for a solution that would allow them to take the next step in showcasing their capabilities effectively and providing an enhanced user experience.

Elevated Design & Brand Guidelines

Understanding Stacks' emphasis on servicing 'creatives' and their pursuit of a seamless DAM experience, our first goal was to design brand guidelines and a website that not only aligned with their mission but also highlighted their expertise in digital asset management. Collaborating closely with their team, we needed to devise a branding system that would be leveraged across multiple mediums, (web, sales collateral, internal documents, etc). The refresh needed to showcase Stacks' unique offerings and elevate their overall brand identity.

Content Strategy: Guided Journeys

During the research and discovery phase, we recognized one of Stacks' key differentiators;  leveraging their expertise through a strategic content strategy called 'Stacks Guides', a series of posts packaged into walkthroughs that would help their prospects go through a guided journey. We knew this strategy needed further spotlighting on their website, and made it a priority to rethink the content architecture of the site to do so.

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The Solution

Throughout the entire redesign process, our team worked closely with Stacks, collaborating to ensure a successful outcome. We provided a comprehensive solution and the proper support and training to address their challenges and advance their goals for growth and differentiation.

Flexible CMS Author Experience

One of the key elements of our solution was the development of a flexible CMS author experience tailored specifically for Stacks. This empowered their content authors to create and update content in a self-service fashion, reducing dependencies and enabling them to maintain a dynamic and up-to-date website as they continue to expand. Our intuitive CMS solution streamlined the content creation and management process, providing Stacks with a seamless workflow and greater control over their website.

Atomic Design System

To ensure consistency and ease of content creation, we implemented an atomic design system. This approach allowed us to build blocks and components that could be easily assembled and reconfigured by content authors to suit their specific needs. The atomic design system provided Stacks with a robust foundation for maintaining a consistent visual style and user experience throughout their website. It gave them the flexibility to create pages that best showcased their content, while maintaining a cohesive and professional look.

Content Migration

In addition to the redesign, we undertook the crucial task of migrating Stacks' existing website content from Webflow to the new CMS. This involved transferring and reformatting all the data to ensure a seamless transition. Our team migrated each page, retaining the valuable information while optimizing it for the new version of the website. By successfully executing this content migration process, we ensured that Stacks' valuable assets were preserved and readily available within the new CMS, empowering them to continue delivering valuable content to their audience without disruption.

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Coming from Webflow, we didn’t know what to expect from a back-end experience, but the CamelCase team created an environment where the small team that manages the website can make changes without fear of breaking something.

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